Add the Right Coating on Your Next Project

Do you want your projects to stand above the rest?  Do you need added protection for your specific printed items?  We have the solution you need by way of a wide range of coating capabilities including UV, Aqueous, Varnish and Laminates.  These options offer various sheens such as dull, soft-touch and high gloss.  We also have the capability of laminating your items for the ultimate protection.  Our laminates range from 1.2 mil to 10 mil.  We have laminates that can be applied to digitally printed items, wide format or conventionally printed items.  We even offer specialty laminates for dry erase use. 

All you need to do is ask your sales representative for options tied to your project and they will ensure we add the proper finishing touches to make your projects stand above the rest!

Varnish – Gloss, Dull
Aqueous – Gloss, Satin, Soft Touch
UV – Gloss, Satin
Laminate – Nylon Matte, Gloss, Dry Erase, Soft Touch, Satin